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Peace through the Arts: Bradford: City for Peace was launched in April 2004 with a successful arts event at The Priestley. There was music from Bradford Voices and Karl Dallas, dance from Kala Sangam, drama from the Keighley Asian Women and Children’s Centre, poetry from Kathy and Gerrard Benson and from Alan Kay and Sara Thomson.
Bradford District Peace Festival: Following a widely publicised meeting at Bradford Central Library on 6 December 2004, it was agreed to mount a Peace Festival in 2005. The meeting was sponsored by Bradford: City for Peace. A Festival Company Limited by Guarantee was established. Its aims were to mobilise people from across the District to:
Celebrate diversity and promote justice, equality and respect across Bradford Metropolitan District
Foster community involvement and encourage awareness by persuading local groups, associations and individuals to organise activities & events within the framework of the Festival
To run a pilot project in November 2005 to assess the feasibility of holding further Peace Festival on a regular basis in the future.
A successful two-week Festival was held, with a wide variety of events, culminating in a two day Peace Market on 17 and 18 November 2005. Some of the outcomes:
Over 450 school children participated in organised diversity and community cohesion events
Nearly 2000 young people were involved in activities to promote peace and respect
More than 50 voluntary and community organisations actively participated in celebrating diversity by promoting peace, equality and justice
Almost 4000 people from different communities and backgrounds attended Festival activities over the two weeks
>> Hiroshima Memorial events: In August 2004 and again in 2006, Bradford: City for Peace worked with Yorkshire CND to put on an event in Centenary Square, Bradford to remember the dropping of the first atomic bomb. The first of these was organised as a multi faith event. Contributors were members from the local Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities. The second was organised by an international group of students on placement with Yorkshire CND.
Photo: Nathaniel Chang
Bradford Peace Directory
Bradford Peace Directory: This was set up in 2004, with funding from the Joseph Rowntree Trust. It was a directory of contact details for groups in and around Bradford working on peace, nonviolence and related social issues. It included 49 local groups and was maintained by Bradford: City for Peace for two years (copies are available). In order to ensure its future and that contact details are regularly updated, this Directory has now been incorporated into Bradford Council’s new Directory of Voluntary Associations (DIVA). It can be accessed by selecting ‘peace’ and ‘justice’ groups from the listing
Peace Forum
Peace Forum: Bradford: City for Peace also organised peace forums in 2006 and 2007, the first at Bradford Central Library and the second at Treehouse, the Bradford Centre for Nonviolence (
In addition, a virtual peace forum was held in the winter of 2007/2008. Stallholders and members of the public at CND's Peace and Crafts Fair in November 2007, and other Bradford: City for Peace contacts, were quizzed on their favourite things about Bradford District and their priorities for peace activity in the District, with their answers being displayed at Treehouse.
The purpose of each of these ventures was to get together people from all kinds of local peace movements, to encourage debate and the sharing of ideas, and to develop a shared sense of purpose for peace activity in the Bradford District.
To get involved in future forums please use the contact details on this site.
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