Bradford Peace Trail
Bradford: City for Peace Garden
Bradford has a peace garden in Centenary Square. Our dream is to see this area developed in to a larger enclosed space where people can come and rest, celebrate peace and enjoy the quiet surroundings.
Bradford Council is currently considering the redevelopment of the square as a "Park at the Heart of Bradford". We are keen to ensure that the peace garden not only survives the development but gains greater space and profile. We are also working to ensure that the peace related memorials now in Centenary Square and around City Hall, identified in the Bradford Peace Trails, are retained and suitably sited in the redevelopment.
If you'd like to get involved in the peace garden initiative in any way, contact the Bradford: City for Peace group
Peace Trail Plaques
  Peace Plaques: Following the publication of the Bradford Peace Trail in 2006, Bradford: City for Peace submitted grant bids to Bradford Council to fund plaques marking sites on the Trail with no public record. Four stories are being recognised in this way (see opposite>>)
Peace Trail New Plaques
• Miriam Lord, Head of Bradford’s first Open Air Nursery School. In July 2007, a plaque commemorating her achievement was unveiled on the gatepost of Lilycroft School. Behind this Primary School, the original Nursery School building is still in use. One of the school’s first pupils, eighty-seven year old Wilfred Jones, was present at the event. (see site 29)
• World War 1 Women’s Peace March. In September 2007, the march of 3000 women and sympathisers from the Bradford Women’s Humanity League, protesting about the shameful slaughter of war, was commemorated by the unveiling of a plaque on the wall of the former Textile Hall in Westgate, ninety years to the day after the event, (see site 11)
Florence White, National Spinsters’ Pensions Association. In November 2007, a plaque was unveiled to this almost forgotten local woman campaigner from 1930’s, who set up the NSPA and fought for women to be able to access their pensions at 55. She lived to draw her pension at sixty, following the 1940 Act of Parliament reducing the pensionable age for women from 65. The plaque is on the wall of The Mechanics Institute Library in Kirkgate. Miss White held many of her campaign meetings at The Bradford Mechanics Institute. Present at the unveiling was Anne Pearson, whose great aunts, Winifred and Hilda Stephenson, were members of the same movement. She brought with her a fascinating scrapbook of NSPA activity. (see site 9)
• Norman Angell, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1933. He was MP for Bradford North from 1929 – 1931. This plaque has still to be sited. It is awaiting a Council decision on the proposed Park at the Heart project for Bradford’s Centenary Square and a peace garden associated with this. It is hoped that it can be unveiled in 2008. (see site 26)
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