Bradford City of Culture 2025 – the bid begins

It's always challenging you and asking you questions blackboard is a city of joy and it is home away from home Bradford is the city of innovation and that's industrial innovation and creative and artistic innovation Bradford is a city of the world after the city of Dewar's yes it was and there was people who dare to do bank statement absolutely the place where we don't cook the crust we don't mind the gap we dare to look back our offices of ever Bradford is a city of stories that needs to be told me Bradford is a city of the people run food is to see expression that's what I say rapid now is a city of rich history and some of those is to go back some of those is to get boba you know then in Bradford is a massive passion for Carswell brings people together improper that's why I brought it is the City of Canton for me because of its history and current employment Bradford is a city of textile opportunity Bradford is a city of faith many faiths Bradford to me is a city of film Bradford is a city of diversity a city of beautiful audiences disability team spirit fun producer it's about to my fire you