Bradford City Centre Growth Zone

Bradford'S economy is worth eight point three billion pounds and is set to grow to more than nine billion pounds by 2016, already home to some of the UK's best-known companies. Bradford Safi was about to get even better the new 35 million pound city center growth soon will create two thousand eight hundred new jobs and help to further revitalize Bradford's business and reach our district through a combination of raped rebates, infrastructure, business and planning, support and skills Training Bradford City centers becoming the go-to destination for businesses looking for an attractive, efficient center to be based in the growths own, will provide a focus for investment and also a focus for the council's work and supporting that investment, and I think what it does is send Out a message to investors that Bradford is committed to working in partnership with the private sector, with investors who wish to start or grow their own business. More than 30 million pounds of public sector investment in the public. Realm has already been complemented by more than 60 million pounds of private sector investment in the 170 hectare growth. So the recent 24 million pound development of the multi award-winning city park, which includes the largest water feature of any UK city and is a major event. Space has boosted foot forum business in the city. Companies in the center already enjoyed fast broadband and free Wi-Fi available around the city centre with work ongoing as part of the super connected cities programme to upgrade the IT infrastructure and enhance the broadband offer. Also coming is Westfield 275 million pound development of Broadway shopping center. Westfield has announced that work on the site is scheduled to start in late 2013, with a likely opening date of late 2015. The 570 thousand square foot scheme will bring more than 70 new retail outlets. To bradford, including debenhams, Marks & Spencer and next, the new regional growth zone fund will make a phenomenal contribution to to to Westfield Bradford in that it'll act as an added incentive for retailers to invest in the scheme and in the city center with over five hundred And twenty thousand residents Bradford has one of the UK's largest youngest and fastest growing populations, increasing it around 6,000 per annum. It'S young, well-educated population provides local business with a skilled and flexible workforce. A testament to that is Provident financials recent decision to create 250 new jobs at its central city headquarters, taking its employment there to 1,000. The reason is because Bradford has a really good pool of potential workers. Well, educated they've got good experience and, most importantly, I've got the right attitudes for investors and developers the new growth so we'll make Bradford City Center a more attractive prospect to invest in. I think the growth sounds absolutely fabulous, because it's only part of the mix you've got a local authority that wants things to happen. They'Ve made things happen, so they've demonstrated their colors. They can make. You know growth zones happen. Not many cities can make that work. They'Ve made that work, so there was a developer. I'D, be absolutely thrilled that the local authorities made that happen. It'S made my life easier and any other developer who comes into the city. Their life just became easy. Continued regeneration within the growth, so is a high priority for the council. It'S ongoing work with partners enhances the city's offering particularly to expanding existing business, and in would investors will help us re, concentrate business activity in the city center, but that concentration of business activity together with what's already here together with the great public spaces, etc. We think will hit a tipping point that with Bradford's demographics, its other advantages will make Bradford an obvious place to invest more businesses, more jobs, more opportunities, Bradford's new city center growth. Soon is just the beginning. You